Founded by ANNA DIMITROVA (Adda Gallery, Nobulo and Montana Gallery) and  VALERIANE MONDOT (Taxie Gallery), united by their friendship and complementary skills, this new space is taking part in the renewal, pertinence and internationalism of the Parisian art scene.

It is in one of Paris’ most renowned and major artistic spot that ADDA&TAXIE settled down, at the heart of the prestigious Parisian galleries and art market district, in the 8ème arrondissement, 35 Avenue Matignon.

The exhibitions mainly focus on Street Art and Graffiti, as well as on young contemporary creations, such as Photography, Pop surrealism and Comics. The main aim being to present and defend art movements, artwork and artists that both Valériane and Anna affectionate and are passionate about.

Since fifteen years, Valériane Mondot is actively taking part in the defence of graffiti’s history and its legitimate representation alongside art collectors, institutions and art markets as well as defending emerging arts et movements. Anna Dimitrova is specialized in Urban Art  since 2003 and perfectly masters the process of creating cultural events, as well as the programming of exhibitions and her privileged relationships with international artists who are rarely introduced to the French audience.

Anna Dimitrova

Born in Sofia (Bulgaria), she spent her school years in Morocco and studied in Madrid and Barcelona. Today, as a perpetual traveler, she lives between Paris and the rest of the world.
Rich of her multiculturalism, ANNA DIMITROVA is an entrepreneur in the arts and specialises in urban art, a sector in which she has been immersed for fifteen years.
In 2007, she created her first company of artistic and cultural projects in Barcelona, called NOBULO. She organised more than 50 exhibitions and 40 events, spread all over four continents in the recent years.
In 2010, ANNA DIMITROVA took over the direction of the Montana Gallery in Barcelona, the first Spanish gallery specialised in street art and graffiti, where she introduced new artists and internationally renowned talents.
In 2015, ANNA DIMITROVA launched her new project: ADDA Gallery, a contemporary art gallery. Every year, she organises several exhibitions in major international capitals.
In 2017, ANNA DIMITROVA opens with VALERIANE MONDOT their own space in Paris, expanding her skills and all her activities further.

Valériane Mondot

Involved in the graffiti scene since 2001, (she founded TAXIE gallery) at a time when she did not receive any recognition, VALERIANE MONDOT kept resisting the constraints of a hostile market for a long time, kept her connections with the artists that she considers as the main actors of the art market. VALERIANE MONDOT is today considered an expert in urban art—history and artistic scenes.

Throughout the past fifteen years, she has been able to develop her activity in response to the challenges of the market and some historical emergencies.

Alternately offering her expertise in public auction houses, she also is an editor and author specialised in the history of the movement and the analysis of the market.

Advisor and researcher alongside institutions – at the Museum MUCEM from 2002 to 2017, Fondation Cartier in 2009, Musée de la Poste in 2015, Pinacothèque de Paris in 2016.
Lecturer at ICART, EAC, IESA, University of Paris X, La Villette, in charge of private collections from 2013 to 2016, helping with exhibitions «HEY modern Art & pop culture» at the Halle Saint Pierre museum…
VALERIANE MONDOT has been a reference database for all Street Art and Graffiti artists on an international scale.
The opening of her own ADDA&TAXIE gallery in 2017 with ANNA DIMITROVA is a logical sequel to her desire to defend and represent the relevant artistic scenes of contemporary art.